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3 Tips For Saving Money On Your Homecoming Or Prom Dress

If you are looking to purchase a nice dress for homecoming or prom, you could be concerned about the price tag that will go along with it. Some girls spend hundreds of dollars -- if not more -- on these formal dresses, but you might not have this type of budget. Luckily, you have a few options for saving money on your formal dress. 1. Buy Used First of all, you should know that you have lots of options for buying a used dress, and you may be able to find your dream style for a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new dress. Read More 

3 Ways To Support Your Teen After Drug Rehab

After your teen completes an in-patient drug rehabilitation program, he or she might find it difficult to apply what was learned to everyday life. As a result, your teen could be at risk of regressing. It is because of this that it is important you support your teen after he or she returns home. Here are some tips that you and your family can use to improve the chances of your teen's success. Read More 

Sorting Out What Causes Communication Conflicts in Your Relationship

Communication is a key element to the success of any relationship. When you and your partner perceive the world differently, good communication can be difficult. Each of you may be saying "I love you" to the other but the message doesn't get across. Here is how personal perception influences the way you communicate with each other and how to accommodate for the differences. Discover Sensory Preferences One way to identify the differences in perception is through couples counseling. Read More 

Tips on Successfully Transitioning an Adopted Child to the Family

Did you know there are almost 400,000 children living just in the United States without a permanent family? A little more than 100,000 of these children are eligible to be adopted, but roughly 32 percent of them will spend more than three years in the foster care system before being adopted. Adoption is a beautiful way to pull these children out of the foster care system and into a forever home. Read More